Salvatore Buonocore: the Networker who makes the dream of the Blue moon in Parma

Salvatore Buonocore | General Manager Luna Blu Parma

Salvatore Buonocore | General Manager Restaurant Pizzeria Luna Blu in Parma

Before the famous Blue moon in Parma, almost forty years ago was born the mythical “Cozzicaro”, a family-run restaurant where you could taste fresh fish along with the delicious pizza bells.
A singular and courageous choice that of the founding family, the Buonocore, especially in a land, like that of Parma, where there is no sea and among other things famous for Parmesan, hams, salami, fried cake and much more less than fish and pizza.
But the courtesy, the friendliness, the precision, the spirit of sacrifice combined with the use of high quality raw materials and dishes worthy of the renown of the gastronomic tradition of Parmesan, have decreed the success, deserved, of the family Buonocore.
And the Cozzicaro changed its name in full momentum to the Blue Moon, to express the dream of the Buonocore to “make you taste emotions” and not just dishes.
A dream in Itinere, because every true and authentically healthy dream is never reached: its achievement is in the tension to reach it, continuous path of sacrifices and enthusiasm.
In the middle of the path come the new levers, the sons of Buonocore, Salvatore, Raffaella and Rosa: New energies, new enthusiasms but always in the wake of tradition and each with precise and fundamental roles.
Salvatore Buonocore, the General Manager of the restaurant Luna Blu Pizzeria in Parma, is the most suited to the integration between tradition and the new technological era that we are living.
and is a carrier of marketing tools and techniques that amplify the success and the Brand of Luna Blu: from traditional marketing to Funnel and Social Media marketing with iBusiness of Parma, up to the Networking of Cashback Word.
Luna Blu becomes the Premier Merchant of cashback, offering not only its customers the benefits of cashback, but becoming the leader of a series of companies that together with Luna Blu “Marry” the winning strategy of Networking cashback Word, all online.