IBusiness was born from many years of experience in the field of web marketing of professional figures didigital projects Specialist, experts at national level in digital projects for small and medium enterprises, yet strongly rooted in the territories.

After years of prominent roles in leading companies such as Area managers in different regions of Italy and as specialists at the national level in new projects and management and implementation of projects of outstanding customers (some with leading qualifications), it was Decided to start a company with really “sartorial” characteristics.

This means a company really oriented to the customer, its actual needs and needs, with defined and achievable objectives, transparent costs, sustainable and commensurate with the possibilities but “centered” on the growth of the business and the turnover of the Customer.

A web agency strongly consulting but with all the concrete tools of digital marketing, the traditional and the latest generation, always attentive and ready for news and implementations.

Company who knows that Marketing is not an exact science but an adaptable path, which requires study of the customer, its market, its competitors, techniques and tools.

Continuous updating and defined and updatable paths, always focused on the main objective: the success of the path in the greater business for the customer.
Great availability, professionalism and humility together, as well as the gracefulness of the true dimension of success: It grows in full, with the adult professionalism of adult people in responsibility.